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ADIM Conference 2019, London
The Academy for Design Innovation Management (ADIM) invites the international community of scholars to submit research papers. The FULL Paper submissions are due by Tuesday 29 January 2019. Read more
Track 6.b Design Literacy enabling Critical Innovation Practices
Design Literacy can be regarded as a catalyst for a move towards a better citizens participation in innovative design processes. By educating the general public to become design literate, there is a chance to support critical innovation and a possible move towards sustainable societies. The challenge is to articulate content, performance and continuity for a critical decision-making process and how this influence critical innovation and design education at large.
DRS 2018, Limerick
Design shapes our daily lives, influencing how we interact with each other and with our environment. When at its best, design is a powerful catalyst for change. Conversely we can think of change as a catalyst for design; Design and designers flourish in a state of flux and the most interesting work can emerge from the chaos.

DRS2018 will explore emergent themes at the intersections of design research, design practice, design education and design policy. It aims to provide a platform for discussions around the changing territorial contexts of design locally, nationally and transnationally. Read more

DRS//Cumulus//DesignED 2015, Chicago

Announcing: The 3rd International Conference for Design Education Researchers and PreK-16 Design Educators. Learn x Design. 28.-30.06 2015, Chicago IL, USA.:


Join the best minds in fields of design/design education from around the world, as we gather in Chicago. This unique international conference is a forum for the exchange of ideas on the latest research in design and the growing interest in Pre K-16 design education.. Conference page and call



Culture(s) in sustainable futures

This conference is both an ending and a beginning. It caps the work of the European research network COST Action Investigating Cultural Sustainability. But rather than closing the book on this international network, this inclusive conference aims to set directions for future research and actions. During the conference, scholars, policymakers, artists, planners and others will discuss the different roles and meanings of culture in sustainability. Read more




23. April 2015 Åsta Rimstad defended her thesis Teikn- og meiningsskaping i studentars arbeid med installationer at the Åbo Akademi University in Vasa, Finnland. Read more


16. April 2015 Kari Carlsen defended her thesis Forming i barnehagen i lys av Reggio Emilias atelierkultur at the Ådo Akademi University in Vasa, Finnland. Read more


27. March 2015 Janne Elo defended her thesis Företagsamhet i skola och utbildning. Lärares tankar om förutsättningarna att nå målen i temaområdet deltagande, demokrati och entreprenörskap at Åbo Akademi University in Vasa, Finnland.  Read more


20. March 2015 Stina Westerlund defended her thesis Lust och olust - elevers erfarenheter av textilslöjd at the Umeå University in Umeå, Sweden. Read more


30. May 2014 Arild Berg defended his thesis Artistic research in public space

Participation in material-based art at The Aalto University in Helsinki, Finnland. Read more



Workshop 7

DESIGN LITERACY - from primary education to university level: Applying for EU funding for the project. In this workshop, we invite researchers to participate in the preparation of an application under the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.


DRS//Cumulus conference

DRS // CUMULUS Oslo 2013. The 2nd International Conference for Design Education Researchers. 14-17 May 2013, Oslo, Norway. Design Learning for Tomorrow - Design Education from Kindergarten to PhD.  Read more

- Photo: Ingvild Digranes

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